How do i place an order?

Step 1

We've made it simple for you, submit your order HERE!

Spend $150 or more to qualify for FREE Islandwide Delivery!

*Orders will take 30-45 minutes to prepare and deliver - more depending on your location*

*$10 Flat rate Islandwide Delivery applies  - min $35 spend apply*

*Orders below $35 only apply for Pick-up*

Step 2

Await text confirmation from us for payment.

Payment options...

PayNow : UEN 201712290D

                 or  Scan QR Code >>

Paypal :

Step 3

Send a screenshot of your payment to us via Whatsapp.1

Wait for confirmation from our team and receive an update on your order soon after!

Important Delivery Information

  • SHN & Quarantine | Please inform us if any persons in your home is under SHN (Stay Home Notice) or Quarantine to protect the safety of our delivery team. They will deliver your order to your doorstep and drop you a text or call to let you know once they've done so. This works vice-versa, if your preference is non contact delivery - simply let us know!

  • Weather | You will be notified if there is an expected delay due to unforeseen circumstances such as the weather and bad traffic. This is to ensure the safety of our riders and the quality of our food is maintained.

  • Order in Advance | If you have a scheduled dinner and want to ensure your food is delivered on time for the comfort of your guests, order is advance! A 2 hour pre order will help us make the necessary arrangements required to deliver your order on time - especially during peak hours!

Delivery / Pickup Hours

Monday | 5pm - 10pm

Tuesday | 5pm - 10pm

Wednesday | 5pm - 10pm

Thursday | 12 - 3pm  &  5 - 10pm

Friday | 12 - 3pm  &  5 - 1030pm

Saturday | 5pm - 1030pm

Sunday | 12 - 4pm (Roast)  &  4 - 9pm

Sunday Roast Delivery menu

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